About the Demo

The Plugin

This is a demo website for the plugin: ‘GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress’. This plugin is a theme?! Well, bbPress has own templates to display forums, and these templates are part of the package that is built into the bbPress. But, bbPress allows you to add new packages that can replace default one. And, the package has to contain all the templates needed along with some logic to control everything. You can read more about it here.

So, GD Quantum Theme Pro is one such package that replaces the Default bbPress package. Quantum is designed to be fully responsive, with improved and more modern design and additional settings, tweaks and styling controlled via Customizer. And, just like bbPress Default package, Quantum works with any theme (there might be some styling issues, just like with Default theme).

Colour Themes

The Quantum contains 3 distinct themes for styling the forums: Default, Classic and Light. Each has own CSS, own set of colours and other parameters to build the styles. And, each one can be customized through the WordPress Customizer, allowing you to change 4 base colours each theme uses, some typography, and additional colours that they might have available for customization. Each theme has 5 predefined colour schemes.

Learn More

To learn more about this plugin, check out the plugin home page, or browse this demo to see how it looks like. Make sure to test using mobile devices too, because forums work much better with Quantum theme. The plugin is also part of the bbPress Plugins Club along with the 5 more bbPress plugins.

The Demo

This demo website contains dummy data. And, to makes things cleaner and less dependent on the theme, it uses the WordPress default TwentyTwelve theme. And, this is the demo of the Classic colour theme.

Additional Plugins

This demo website currently uses more bbPress plugins for bbPress. And, all these plugins have direct support for the Quantum theme, with templates made for Quantum and additional styling.