Includes 11 widgets

GD Knowledge Base Pro includes total of 11 widgets. They share some of the functionality with the shortcodes, but in some cases, single widget replaces several shortcodes.

More widgets are planned for the future versions.

List of Widgets

  • Table of Contents – it can replace the auto TOC for posts
  • Quick Links – list of content types for quick access
  • Live Search – live search box with extra filter fields
  • Reference Topics – list of terms for reference topics
  • Categories – list of terms for categories
  • Product Groups – list of terms for product groups
  • Related Content – related content for current post
  • Related Product – product for current post or support forum
  • Content List – filter list for knowledge base content
  • Lite Content List – filter list for knowledge base content
  • Products List – filter list for products

Widgets Interface

All widgets use the same tabbed interface. Quick Links widget allows you to use drag’n’drop to rearrange links.

Results Rendering

Some widgets use simple rendering, but, some widgets use templates. These templates can be overridden through the theme.

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