This is the demo website for GD Rating System Pro plugin for WordPress. The plugin is developed by Dev4Press, and license for Pro version is available to purchase on the official plugin homepage.

This website uses default WordPress TwentySixteen theme with a custom child theme. You can download this child theme from the GD Rating System Pro download page.

Addons Used

Demo website also uses two premium addons for GD Rating System Pro: Multi Ratings Addon and User Reviews Addon.

Additional plugins used

This demo uses two more Dev4Press plugins. To display breadcrumbs, the website uses GD Crumbs Navigator Pro. It is a highly adaptable plugin that supports everything WordPress has by default, and also supports pages added by bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce and all relevant Dev4Press plugins. Another plugin used on this website is GD Content Tools Pro, for adding two additional custom post types. This plugin offers much more, so check out the website for more details.

Explore the demo

This demo website tries to demonstrate a wide range of GD Rating System Pro features. Here is the overview of features and pages you can try to see the feature in action.

  • Stars Review rating method: there are three pages showing this rating method in action: Review Example, Review Template Example, and Full Review Example.
  • Stars Rating rating method: this method is used for posts. Start from the Blog page, you will see the list of posts, and for each post, you will see the current star rating. If you open the post, you will see the rating at the bottom of the post and you can vote there.
  • Like This rating method: this method is used for comments for posts. Open any of the comments, and you will see the list of comments, with Like This rating block. The template used for Like This will show a tooltip with the list of users who liked the comment. For example, check out the Hello World post.
  • Thumbs Rating rating method: this method is used for the custom post type Features. The archive for this post type is set to automatically sort the list of posts in the archive by thumbs rating. This is controlled by plugin settings (Pro exclusive). There are other ways to sort posts by rating using the URL query arguments or direct use of the WP_Query object.
  • Emote This rating method: this method is used for the custom post type Articles. The archive is set to automatically sort the list of posts by the number of votes (since you can’t have a truly valued rating for emotion elements).

There are some more complex demos implemented using Multi Ratings and User Reviews addons:

  • User Reviews for Actors custom post type, using simple Stars Rating method. This demo shows user reviews system allowing users to post reviews of products or other items (actors in this case), and rate them using Stars Rating. This demo can be accessed via Actors archive, check individual actors to see reviews.
  • User Reviews for Movies custom post type, using Multi Stars Rating method. This demo can be accessed via Movies archive, check individual movies to see reviews. This also displays reviewer review along the user reviews.

Some Extra Elements

There are two special cases included where active rating blocks are added to categories and blog authors.

  • Thumbs Rating for categories: thumbs rating block is added at the top of the category archive for rating the actual categories (not posts inside them). Check out the rating block on the top of the one category archive.
  • Stars Rating for blog authors: author archive will show stars rating on the top of the archive for each author, and you can rate each author there. Here is the archive for one of the authors.

There are also three extra pages showing the rating lists built using completely custom queries and code inside the theme template or shortcodes.

  • Stars Rating list: this demo page shows posts stars rating, for post belonging to the author with ID 1.
  • Thumbs Rating list: this demo page shows features custom post type thumbs rating, using the custom query.
  • Emote This rating list: this page is built using the shortcode for the rating list.


The plugin has 3 widgets for each rating method. Some of these widgets are used in the sidebar for this demo website.

And more…

The plugin has tons of features under the hood, and as a bonus, you get additional downloads that include demo plugins and demo themes. You can explore the plugin features list and articles, and check out the knowledge base too. Finally, here is the rating block to rate this Welcome post.